Uses and Features

LZF warehouse wall vibrator, also known as vibration hopper broken arch-type anti-blocking devices, used to silo, inclined walls dithering discharge tank or hopper feed section of the drain in order to prevent the material warehouse (pottery, bucket) concrete mold vibrator of bagging appeared tubular channels, warehouse wall sticky materials such as poor flow phenomena, in order to ensure that the material from the hopper, discharge tank or hopper flowing smoothly. It is widely used in coal, mining, construction, power, light industry, pharmaceuticals, food, foundry, metallurgy, refractory, power generation, port and railway transportation and other industries.

Warehouse wall vibrator has a simple structure, strong anti-jam capability, low power consumption, long life; exciting force adjustable, wide application; easy installation and maintenance. Electromagnetic vibrator is a highly efficient, malaysia concrete vibrator poker energy-saving vibrator can be used for all kinds of vibrating machines such as feeders, small conveyors, vibrating screen, vibrating platform and warehouse wall vibration and so on occasion. Electromagnetic vibrator, also known as warehouse wall vibrator. It can be used for various vibration machinery, such as feeders, small conveyors, vibrating screen, vibrating platform and warehouse wall vibration and so on occasion and easy to use. Available controller adjustable vibration intensity. Electromagnetic vibrator is a highly efficient, energy-saving vibrator, widely used in chemical, building materials, machinery and mineral powders. Electromagnetic vibrator mounted on the outside of the lower part of the powder cartridge necking at the high-frequency vibrations generated by electromagnetic vibrator, can effectively eliminate the clogging of powder due to internal friction, deliquescence, charged and component segregation portable concrete vibrator for sale caused by other reasons, doming phenomenon . Using an electromagnetic vibrator for sparse feeding device, simple structure, cutting fluid, stable feeding system. Electromagnetic vibrator can also be used in other required mechanical vibration sources. Simple to use electromagnetic vibrator in series with the coil winding wire that comes with the vibrator diode connected to 220V AC power to work. You can select the vibrator power according to the media, the warehouse wall thickness conditions such as vibration during use.


LZF type vibration hopper broken arch anti-blocking device is a typical example of the application of the vibration motor, which means YZD type vibration motor as vibration source, welded structure, carriage and vibration motor using high strength bolts tightened.